Customer Reviews and Comments

"I am thrilled that the Common Core State Standards have made their way to commercial quality posters. This way, our teachers and students can refer to them during instruction every day. It takes the guess work out of what we're doing and why when used properly. Thank you Kress Design 2!"

-Adrienne Phifer, Principal, The FORWARD School, Bronx, NY

"The Common Core State Standard Posters are posted in all of our classrooms grades 1-3 and there is also a set in our main office. The size and durability of these posters make them most useable for teachers and students. Teachers love that they can use a dry erase marker on them. They are able to post them in their rooms where they can benefit the students and also help the teachers to stay focused on instruction. The posters also show parents what standards the students need to meet and which ones they currently are working on during a daily basis."

-Joseph S. DePalma, Principal, Dorothy L. Bullock School, Glassboro, New Jersey

"We have placed the English posters in each classroom in all of our buildings. The presence of these posters serves to remind teachers, students and parents that our most critical focus is moving our students forward toward academic success."

-Sue Murphy, Curriculum Director, New Lexington City Schools, New Lexington, Ohio

"Thank you for the posters. I can't believe how quickly they arrived. I am thrilled that I don't have to laminate them. They seem very durable. I like the plastic coating. The classroom rules poster is very large. The student's can easily see the classroom expectations. In addition, the George Washington poster is fun. It's interesting to acknowledge that things haven't changed that much. If we all follow his rules, we wouldn't need the second poster on classroom rules. I thought the students would enjoy a trip back in time. I purchased the standards posters to forever remind the students how important their NJASK 8 is this year. By the time the test roles around, they should feel comfortable knowing what's expected of them and what formulas they will have available to them on the reference sheet. Thanks again. The price was also very reasonable."

-Laura McCadden, Edgar Middle School, Metuchen, NJ

"When I read through the Content Standards on your website, and looked at the poster size and pricing, I was thrilled. I ordered a poster for every subject I teach."

-Norma Harris, Marclay Middle School, Pacoima, California

"The posters we purchased from Kress Design 2 were wonderful. We were able to post them outside each classroom and teachers could mark the state goal they were focusing on, and then easily erase it when they changed their focus! I would buy them again next year!"

-Adam Wallach, Assistant Principal, North Elementary, Waukegan, Illinois

"I recently purchased three posters for my classroom. Not only was the ordering process easy to do online, but the order arrived within the week, and I was extremely impressed with the overall quality. While I can't help but think $8.00 was pricey for shipping my three posters (which cost $7.00 each), I must admit that I was pleased with the quality of the packaging; honestly,I don't see any way my merchandise could have been damaged in shipping --unless, perhaps, run over by the delivery truck! I would definitely recommend this company and would order from them again."

-Cheryl Taylor, Shelbyville, Kentucky

"The posters provide a clear look at the standards for each department/curricular area. Displayed in the department offices where teachers, students, and parents can see them, the posters reflect our commitment to aligning our curriculum to the state standards. The posters are helpful as graphic organizers for our continued work."

-Sheila Shapiro, Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction, Abington Junior High School, Abington, Pennsylvania

"I have purchased the Kress Design New York State Academic Standards posters for each English classroom in the District, grades 6-12. Each poster is a wonderful addition to our classrooms! They are colorful and sturdy. It is helpful for teachers and students to have a constant reminder of the standards before us. Thanks for a great product."

-Lynn Widrick, Marcy, New York

"The academic standard posters are fantastic! We have them hanging in our halls to remind us all that we are working to meet and exceed the NYS standards. The posters are bright, accurate and attractive. Thank you so much!"

-Katie Duffy, Program Coordinator, Harlem Day Charter School, New York City

"I purchased the Academic Standards poster for my entire department. We have all hung them in a prominent place in our classrooms which allows us the ability to access the information when writing lesson plans and planning classroom activities. Even more importantly, it is an opportunity for students to see what our goals are for the year and what we believe is important for them to learn. It is a subtle reminder to both students and teacher what should be focused on in this class."

-Faith Caffey, English Department Chair, Holbrook High School, Holbrook, Arizona